CXLOE Releases Airy Pop Track “Low Blow”

Australian singer CXLOE who’s gone from strength to strength and has just returned with “Low Blow” a replay-worthy hit, with stellar production, powerful vocals, and enchanting pop melodies that invite listeners to sing along. Having only last year been handpicked to support Maroon 5 on their Australian tour she’s already built up a huge fan base waiting for her next move and it’s arrived with a punch.

“Low Blow” opens with low pads supporting her massive vocals that seem to fill up the room with sound.  In the chorus, four-on-the-floor electro drums and bit crushed electronic vocal effects contributing to the youthful energy. The sound that CXLOE has carved for herself combines the alternative, pop, and electronic genres, as well as adds meaningful, often clever lyricism.  CXLOE is originally from the northern beaches of Sydney where she honed her craft: developing a sound based on her unique influences and writing for other artists. Her recent single “Show You” has reached over a million streams on Spotify her latest single “Low Blow” is out now.

Stream “Low Blow” Here: