19 Year Old Dallin Dance Is About to take the EDM World By Storm

Touring across the US without a booking agent at only 19 years old is an uncommon yet impressive achievement. Dallin Dance, who started taking up piano at age 6 and guitar at age 9, is up for the challenge. The talented artist has been organizing massive events alongside his partner and DJ Jared Woodlief, with their company Inland Society having grown to massive proportions. Now, Dallin Dance is pursuing his music career by selling out numerous venues across the country, has performed alongside Cheat Codes, Autograf and more, and just landed a label deal with TH3RD BRAIN Records. 

The first single off Dallin Dance’s forthcoming EP, “Last Night” truly puts the young artist’s impressive skills on display. Filled with heavy-hitting basslines, infectious vocal samples and distorted effects, the tech house gem immediately gets into action, and explodes into a series of drops that are as perfect for the dancefloor as they are for the radio waves. Stay tuned with Dallin Dance as he surely has a lot more exciting releases lined up for the rest of 2023. 




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