Dillon Francis Adds Deep House Bump To Dua Lipa’s ‘We’re Good’

Originally released by Dua Lipa, “We’re Good,” gets a fresh face thanks to DJ/producer Dillon Francis. Within the piano house and sampled Lipa vocals comes a thumping deep house rhythm that shakes up an empowering spirit living in all of us. The remix does justice to original with it’s ability to maintain key sensibilities from the original, while giving the new record a distinct sonic shape.

Dillon Francis is an iconic symbol of the global dance stratosphere that virtually can do no wrong. Time-testing full-length albums, loads of viral releases, and remixes that become staples in festival sets, all make up just a portion of the legacy Francis continues to build upon. Female pop-star Dua Lipa has achieved insurmountable success to a similar scale, but in a somewhat different space than EDM. From household singles like “New Rules,” and “IDGAF,” traditional mainstream success through innovative digital-culture driven strategies would be a fair accolade to assign her.

“We’re Good (Dillon Francis Remix),” shines with many highlights within.




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