Dirtyphonics’ Monstercat Uncaged Release ‘Burbank Nights’ Is A Must-Hear Banger

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the innovation that’s happening right under our noses. Dirtyphonics, that killer French duo we all know – Charly Barranger and Julien ‘Pitchin’ Corrales – have done it again. With a rich history in bass music, they’re taking things up a notch with their latest track, “Burbank Nights,” dropped under the ever-cool Monstercat label.

And here’s a fun tidbit: the track’s got gaming vibes too, syncing with the new season of Rocket League. Starting off with skateboarding sounds (because why not?) and transitioning into an electrifying guitar feedback, it’s a ride from the get-go. Just when you think you’ve caught the flow of the vibe, they flip it into an unexpected DnB rhythm.

The duo kept it real during the creation. They jammed on a Gibson guitar and a HeadRush amp pedalboard, channeling the tunes they grew up with. Then, they sprinkled in their electronic magic.

The feature at the 2023 X Games in Ventura should not be skipped over as well. That’s some major props right there. As they kick off their European tour, “Burbank Nights” is a sign: Dirtyphonics is here to surprise, delight, and keep us going.




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