DROELOE Announces 4th Single ‘Downside Up ft. Transviolet’ Preceding ‘The Art of Change’ Album Launch

Experimental electronic music maestro, DROELOE, delves into the bitter-sweet in his latest single, “Downside Up ft. Transviolet.” As the fourth and final single preceding his debut album, The Art of Change, DROELOE presents a striking confluence of abstract sound layers and pop sensibilities.

At the heart of this album is a philosophic exploration of personal growth. DROELOE invites us on a journey, transforming his ideas into songs and symbolic places that not only resonate with listeners but also serve as a mirror to his development as an artist.

DROELOE’s creativity is not confined to the studio; his unique approach to fan interaction – allowing them to pen a message for their future selves – echoes his own introspection. This multi-dimensional approach extends the boundaries of conventional music experiences, turning the album into an immersive journey, riddled with secrets and surprises.

This has been one of many keys to DROELOE’s success. His innovative approach to music production has garnered him 1.3M monthly streams and a following of over 110K fans, establishing him as an intriguing force in the industry and then some.




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