DROELOE Unveils Defining Album In ‘The Art Of Change’

Netherlands-based maestro, Vincent Rooijers, under the moniker DROELOE, has unveiled his latest album, The Art of Change. This album is his first solo foray since bidding adieu to former collaborator, Hein Hamers. It’s not just music; it’s an experience. Enveloping listeners in a confluence of pop, dubstep, hip-hop, classical, and electronica, this groundbreaking work has earned praise for truly pushing the limits.

The album offers a unique, temporal journey. Rooijers employs a ‘feedback loop’ of voice memos addressing past and future selves, painting a rich tapestry of life’s highs and lows. Interspersed are the voices of both real and AI-generated actors, poignant pauses that prod introspection. Each auditory moment is masterfully transformed into a visual panorama by Funi, crafting fifteen 360-degree animated realms, rendering music tangible.

In the build-up to the album’s release, DROELOE engages fans to partake in this reflective journey. Through fan activations, they can send messages to their future selves, weaving personal growth and reminiscence into the fabric of The Art of Change. A deeper dive reveals a plethora of hidden gems, from ‘easter eggs’ to essays delineating the album’s philosophical core.

DROELOE’s artistic voyage in The Art of Change reiterates his commitment to exploring uncharted territories. As Rooijers himself asserts, it’s a shout out to personal growth and a bold step toward steering his own narrative. With its seamless fusion of genres and profound insights, The Art of Change stands out as a potential contender for the most innovative album of the year.




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