Expect A Grand Theft Auto 6 Reveal This Week

As per Bloomberg, a GTA 6 reveal is imminent. It’s possible an announcement will happen “as early as this week”.

The company plans to then publish a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI next month to celebrate Rockstar’s 25th anniversary, said the people, who asked to not be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly, stated Jason Schreier for Bloomberg.

Few video games have generated as much excitement among enthusiasts and investors as Grand Theft Auto VI, anticipated to be one of the most noteworthy entertainment launches of this decade. Grand Theft Auto V, its predecessor, boasts sales of over 185 million copies, securing the second spot in the list of best-selling video games, just behind Minecraft, which benefited from its availability on mobile devices as well.

The game is situated in a fictional rendition of Miami and includes two main characters, a male and a female, as reported by Bloomberg News.

In the previous year, early footage of Grand Theft Auto VI was leaked by hackers. Rockstar attributed the incident to a “network intrusion” and assured fans that they would provide a formal introduction to the game when it’s prepared for release. Subsequently, two teenagers from the UK were found guilty of the hack in a London criminal trial later in the same year.




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