FARR Twist Pop, Soul and Electronic Sounds in ‘Paranoid’

With a slew of successful releases in their discography, FARR bring quality again in their new release ‘Paraniod’. With an impressive music video and of course the stellar track – this release has potential written all over it.

From LA and London, this duo met back in 2016 and have been killing it since. This time round, FARR bring a fearless twist to alternative pop and electronic soul music that transcends time in ‘Paranoid’.

Vocalist Roméo brings powerful vocals to the table while producer Linden Jay lends his alternative, electronic ear. Despite the distance, the two have managed to stay connected and write through voice memos between studio sessions. What was born was a hypnotic mix of global styles that features a modern edge and classic feel.  

“Paranoid” is a song that examines the anxiety that comes with feeling like you do not have control of your own life. Roméo explains, “A couple years back Linden and I were in London around Glastonbury weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months and had a bunch of music to catch up on so we started a few new ideas. That same day my ex was going out with some of my friends for my best friend’s birthday and I had this pit in my stomach that she was gonna try to sleep with one of them. I spent the whole night in the studio freaking out, checking my phone every five minutes, and Linden started playing this organ in his studio kitchen. We started going back and forth and ended up with ‘Paranoid’, which is essentially about my incessant day to day worrying. It’s an anxiety anthem.”


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