Forester Releases ‘The Flood’ On Kygo-Owned Label Palm Tree Records

Duo Forester’s June 2021 release “The Flood,” captures a pure and emotional experience all wrapped in a lucid electronic framework. Released on Palm Tree Records, which is co-owned by Kygo and in partnership with Sony Music, the single has found a fitting home given the sonic aesthetics that are embedded within.

“The Flood,” aligns an eased mid-tempo structure with acoustic guitar, piano, and light electronic effects which together act as the backdrop for the punctual vocal work at hand. The meaningful verses and moving timbre of the topline is unequivocally the focal point of the experience. Charming and teary, Forester knows how to hit right in the feels clear as day.

This song follows up the single “Symphony,” which has garnered 200,000+ plays on Spotify alone and continues to grow. Experienced back to back, there’s certainly commonalties that can be sensed between the two and for good reason – both are part of an upcoming EP or possible LP, the details of which have yet to be fully disclosed.

Forester launched in 2019 and continues to have fast-paced success in the scene. Xander Carlson and David Parris make up the two-piece. Who together share an equal workload of singing, producing, and writing for the group. Their introspective style and knack for bringing out their signature sound make then an unforgettable pair that are surely going places.




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