Why Martin Garrix Isn’t Playing Unreleased Music Anymore

Martin Garrix, the #1 DJ in the world has decided to limit the amount of unreleased music he plays in his sets. The reason for this limitation is due to pirates re-creating the tracks and then releasing them on YouTube as well as releasing on Spotify under their own name.

This is a major inconvenience for Martin Garrix and his team, the process of taking these stolen tracks down is not simple. Having your music on stores under another name months before official means the tracks available for everyone, creating less hype for the official release. Martin Garrix has said that he will not be playing many unreleased tracks in sets and on livestreams. 

This is extremely disappointing news as fans who go to Martin Garrix shows will not have the full experience, not get played new Garrix music. Let’s hope the individuals responsible discontinue ripping his tracks for personal gain and everyone can experience an equally incredible Martin Garrix performances. 




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