gl00my Reveals Epic ‘Neo-Grime’ Focused EP in ‘cy-gen’ Released On vibe.digital

gl00my has revealed a 3-track EP that is calling ‘cy-gen,’ continuing to embrace the dystopian themes in which the genres that he’s currently dabbling often include. vibe.digital – the label who has signed this EP – is kicking off the first release of their year with this collection of works. The match between artist and label couldn’t be better in this case.

Having a genre added to Spotify is a testament to the impact a person has had on music culture, and that is the case with gl00my, the anonymous DJ and producer.

Neo-grime is a sound that he and a few other electronic musicians helped bring to the forefront. This fact is something that is hard to ignore or be passive about, as this moment happens so rarely and only when a mix of effort and a ‘right place / right time,’ phenomenon clashes together.

Fast forwarding to the now, gl00my captures what he is about going into 2023 with cy-gen. The experience pulls you in deep to a world that’s all it’s own. Powerful, sedating basslines laying the groundwork of a sonic story that’s soon to take place. Title track “cy-gen,” “Proxy,” and “Ice,” all have their own essence that allows them to speak for themselves. The combined impression that the 3 songs bring forth is something imaginative, cinematic, and will keep the listener coming back for more.

gl00my is an artist who seemingly goes to the beat of his own drum, but with that he’s clearly plugged in with what is relevant and sticks, cy-gen is an EP that is easy to return back to.




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