Good Times Ahead Introduces New Label With “Malvada”

Good Times Ahead is joining the label universe with the debut release of “Malvada,” a collab with Noizekid featuring Juan Por Dios. Formerly known as GTA, the duo have dropped their former three-letter pseudonym as the boys gear up for the launch of their very own Good Times / Bad Times label.

“We wanted to create Good Times / Bad Times because we feel like we have a good understanding of what the dance world needs from cool Latin producers/artists,”

“A lot of our peers end up playing the stuff we find, and we want to give those artists a place to release music, as well as the main outlet to release our own music.”

– Good Times Ahead

As they aim to bridge the gap between the dance music and Latin club communities. The three artists on the record dig deep into their roots to deliver a fiery single that goes off with each of their respective flavors marinating into a moombah-laced melting pot. “Malvada” is out now featuring Noizekid & Juan Por Dioz





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