Grum Transports Us To A ‘Deep State’ With New Album

Those familiar with Anjunabeats should be familiar with deep trance master Grum. The UK based and Anjuna announced the album was delayed last year, 11 months later and we finally have it in our hands.

Since his debut album in 2009, Grum is known for his dark and deep style of trance that really highlights the melodies and brings them to the forefront of the record.

The album takes us through a journey of deep, atmospheric beats with soulful vocals that really pop. For the deep state this album provides, it is especially vibrant. Reflecting on the unsettling times we live in, ‘Deep State’ has moments of light and dark. It’s a showcase of Grum’s ability to craft pitch-black progressive and immersive vocal pop. The 10-track album is a refined take on the current state of progressive trance.




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