Headhunterz Returns ‘Home’ With Brand New Single

Coming straight of the success off one of his self-proclaimed favourite tracks ‘Orange Heart’, Headhunterz continues to bring the music that comes from within for his new production ‘Home’. Inspired by a frantic lifestyle of touring and bringing Hardstyle to all areas of the globe, ‘Home’ delivers the perfect mix of punch and emotion that Headhunterz has become known for.

Headhunterz said of the release: “We all live our own lives, deal with our own struggles but we all come together in this music that we call our home. It guides us through our lives”; an inspiring mantra that fans across the globe gravitate towards.

Vocal hums usher in the perfect Headhunterz melodies before delivering a hyperactive and breath-taking drop, Headhunterz is well and truly ‘Home’ where he belongs.

Recently featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Headhunterz went on to detail on his strategies for how he combats this stressful lifestyle of constant touring; from the countless flights and time zone changes, finding time to produce new music and dealing with feelings of homesickness and other mental/physical issues, a topic which has come into focus in recent years in the music industry.

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