How To Watch The iPhone 11 Reveal + What To Expect

To little surprise, Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 11 today. With it already being heavily leaked, there is likely not a lot to be announced that is actually news! Nevertheless, the iPhone will hopefully be joined by other devices at this “Special Event“.

The event will take place
10am California
01pm New York
06pm London
11pm Delhi
01am Hong Kong
03am Melbourne

Thankfully, Apple have decided to host the livestream on YouTube as well as their site. This is the first time doing so. You can choose between YouTube or their own website to view the announcements.

As seen below, the iPhone 11 has been heavily leaked and unfortunately, it is not attractive. The same design as the iPhone 10 that is now 2 years old and the bad camera design result in something that is not appealing to the eyes.

Fingers crossed that the Mac Pro gets a launch date, after being revealed earlier this year. The uber expensive computer is bound to be shipping soon. If that’s not the case, then fans and customers will not be pleased.

iOS 13 is also set to officially be released to the public after the event, as with MacOS Catalina. Both of these were announced at WWDC, but now the public will be getting the master version. It is likely that we will see a new Apple watch also and software to match.

Overall, this is seeming like a bunch of average announcements – nothing stands out. The iPhone certainly doesn’t and that is the headliner. Apple need to do something unexpected for this event to be a success.

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