Jauz Delivers Thumping House Album ‘Rise of The Wise’

Following the release of recent singles ‘What I Wanted’ and ‘Lights Go Out’ – Jauz has released his house-focused album Rise of The Wise.

Having already experienced significant triumphs, Jauz’s inaugural album, ‘The Wise & The Wicked,’ quickly soared to the top of the iTunes Dance charts within a mere 90 minutes of its release. Now, in 2023, Jauz returns with renewed vigor through the unveiling of his latest offering, the 8-track album titled ‘Rise of the Wise.’

The album commences with ‘U Feel,’ a captivating track that sets the stage with its high-energy beats and infectious vocals, perfectly suited for the dancefloor. Following suit is ‘Lights Go Out,’ Jauz’s most recent single, which takes a more introspective and melodious approach, blending dreamy vocals with staccato synths. ‘Crazy (3AM Sound),’ the subsequent song on the album, gracefully carries an uplifting, feel-good rhythm complemented by powerful vocals and an exhilarating build-up. ‘What I Wanted’ brings forth a summertime groove, characterized by a gritty bassline and tech-house-inspired synths. Notable highlights from the album also include ‘Just Hold On’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me.’ Bringing the album to a captivating conclusion, ‘Fall into Me’ emerges as a danceable anthem, featuring catchy lyrics, a captivating melody, and euphoric undertones.

Jauz explained the process behind the project; “This album to me is really the true essence of the sound I’ve been chasing in my head for the last 3-4 years – somewhere in the middle of techy, melodic, progressive, and still unmistakably Jauz. I’ve been making house music in a lot of forms for as long as the Jauz project has been around, but never had the right outlet for it. When I went into the planning phase of creating the next phase of ‘The Wise and The Wicked’. I realized that I had kind of accidentally created a space for me to express that sound without realizing it. The whole concept behind TWATW was supposed to be an analogy for the dichotomy of my creative process – half the time wanting to go one direction, and then half the time the polar opposite. That’s never been more true today, and I think I’ve finally truly found what the sounds of each of these “Worlds” really means to me. Even when I originally came up with the concept of who “The Wise” were, they always seemed like the kind of people who would be listening to the kind of music that is on this album,  but probably because of my own insecurities I pivoted it to be more melodic bass driven music. This time around, in my mind, I’ve truly nailed the vision I’ve always had for this part of my musical world and I hope fans new and old can feel that through the songs.”




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