Jeffrey Sutorius, Formally Dash Berlin, Unveils 2022 World Tour + New Spring Album

After losing a trademark battle with his form band-mate for the brand name ‘Dash Berlin,’ Jeffrey Sutorius has now rebranded under his real name. In December, he share the news of launching a huge tour and new album slated for 2022. His refusal to let a negative moment keep him out of the game is admirable, clearly cutting his losses and being their for his fans in all the right ways – via bringing more quality music and shows that they so highly demand.

The world tour will start swiftly as the new year comes into frame – the first show starting in Dallas, January 13th – the new album set to come in Spring of that same year.

Teasing the spring album is the 1st single, “Sink or Swim,” featuring collaborators ANG and Sarah de Warren. Utilizing a true to his roots trance platform, high-powered melodies, and a energetic feel zoom into the listener’s conciseness. Pairing this with the immersive vocals of Sarah de Warren makes for an everlasting recipe that feels right at home.

Jeffrey Sutorius is an absolute staple of the scene, his impact and influence being impossible to measure given it’s scale – the broader electronic scene just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Follow Sutorius on his socials more the latest updates on the events and releases, plus check out “Sink or Swim,” below.

Jeffrey Sutorius 2022 World Tour Dates:

1/13/22 – Dallas, TX – It’ll Do

1/15/22 – TBA – TBA

1/20 – 1/24/22 – Orlando – Groove Cruise

2/5/22 – Medellin – One Carnival Place

2/12/22 – Buenos Aires – Paradise Garage

2/25/22 – TBA – TBA

2/26/22 – Tempe, AZ – Shady Park

3/25 – 3/27/22 – Miami, FL – Ultra Music Festival


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