JOYRYDE Unveils Wild Music Video For ‘Thrill’

Having just released his long awaited LP ‘BRAVE’, JOYRYDE is following it up with the move-like visual for ‘Thrill’. It was directed by James Mackel in partnership with HARD Records and JOYRYDE himself. The track’s sinister and eerie atmosphere ties incredibly well with Joyryde’s brand as viewers are treated to an exhilarating short film. 

The video takes you on a Bonnie and Clyde esque adventure, with the police heavy on their tails throughout. With romance, violence and a dark ending – this is the ultimate accompanying video for ‘Thrill’.

In tribute to late-actor Rob Lyfe, Joyryde left this message below to his fans to elaborate on the process behind the shoot and what it meant to him to be able to see his vision come to fruition. 

“Over 4 days I made friends I didn’t know I needed. It adjusted my life and ambition for creating the video. Rob and Melian are the stars. They made this video what it is and I’m so amazingly grateful for the whole experience.About 6 months ago Rob tragically died. It was the most devastating moment in our lives. I still can’t believe it. He was the most alive person I’ve ever met. We became childhood friends within minutes. This started out as a music video, but ended up being a huge life event for me and for many others. I’m so proud of it and so grateful to everyone who helped bring it to life.” – JOYRYDE 





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