Møme & Ricky Ducati Tantalize with “Got It Made” and its Music Video

Enter a sonic landscape draped in French sensory that rustles in a breezy effortless West Coast sleekness. It’s the new record and collaboration from Møme and Ricky Ducati. The two acts’ first endeavor together was “Sail Away”, a record that went sailing into our conscience and achieved Gold Record status like it was backed by gale-force winds. If that record is anything to go by, “Got It Made” is set for golden highlights and grandeur that will illuminate ferocious glee found on the dancefloor of our living rooms and – hopefully – soon the speckled flooring of clubs and venues around the globe. For now, we must enjoy the wonders of Møme and Ricky Ducati through the DSPs and the mesmerizing accompaniment that is the music video for “Got It Made”.

Before I dive further into the record, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the magnetism that Møme has discovered and unleashed from his past records. These include the ultimate vibe and a record I’ve listened to an innumerable amount, “Aloha”; the insatiable grooviness of “Club Sandwich”; and the swirl of ethereal synths dancing upon floating clouds that is “Panorama”. He also is a part of “Gravitation”, the mistifying and the easy to get lost in collaboration with Petit Biscuit and Isaac Delusion. What these records highlight is an artist that has boundless ingenuity capable of weaving strings of hope, melancholy, and glee to form brilliant, connective dance music.

His partner in crime on “Got It Made” is also no stranger to the spotlight. Ricky Ducati first gained notoriety from his duo, Midnight to Monaco who was backed by the force of Australian label, Future Classic. Their debut single, “Suicide”, achieved great success and was a common sight on SiriusXM and on the minds of global tastemakers. On his own, Ricky has only released a few records, but they have been vibrant and shimmering records that take listeners soaring to worlds of glistening sunshine and jubilant atmosphere that will warm the coldest of hearts. It’s as if Ricky is a wizard capable of conjuring a blanket of warmth to relieve anyone’s worries and tensions.

Magic comes in many forms, usually defined by the eye of the beholder. However, certain records are magical no matter what eye or ear decodes its wavelengths. “Got It Made” belongs in that category of ubiquitous entrancement. Built with decadent funk that cloaks the record in extravagant glee, it casts a spell that sends listeners to a celebration tucked away in the Hollywood Hills or a party off the coast of Monaco upon a superyacht, giving us common folk access to the fanciful life. It’s that transformative nature that truly makes “Got It Made” a special record bound to tantalize and bring remarkably good feelings to listeners.

In accompaniment, “Got It Made” has a surreal, almost Salvador Dali-like animated music video that fits the stylish sound perfectly. It features two gleaming metallic characters as they dance around what could be described as 80s Los Angeles. The animation and design is stunning and is a testament to the talents of director Paume, the animation team, and the production team from P92.

“Got It Made” is the debut single from Flashback FM, the upcoming collaborative album from Møme and Ricky Ducati, which is due out in 2021. If the rest of the album is anything like the debut, then we are in for a treat of truly astonishing dance music. To fuel the flames of anticipation, Møme provided us with this insight:

“For us, Got it made and the Flashback FM album is a time travel to the 70/80’s Los Angeles. We would have loved to know California at this time and imagined – Got It Made – driving down Hollywood at 4pm when the sun starts going down”.

To view the music video or stream “Got It Made” continue down or follow the link here.




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