Just A Gent Drops New Single “ELEMENT 13” Ahead Of Forthcoming EP

Following stellar singles “Time Voyage” featuring Hauskey and “Open Spaces” alongside Nevve, Australian producer Just A Gent is back with his latest instrumental gem “ELEMENT 13.” Crafting melodic and intricate productions, the talented artist has taken the electronic music scene by storm, having amassed over 50 million collective streams on digital platforms while releasing on prestigious labels such as Monstercat, Dim Mak, Seeking Blue and Lowly.

“ELEMENT 13” arguably marks one of Just A Gent’s hardest releases to date. Taken from his upcoming EP, set to come out later this year, it’s a menacing ride through interesting sonics and minimal drops. Distorted 808s, psychedelic vocal chops and otherworldly sound design characterize the single, and judging by the sound of it, we can’t imagine how forward-thinking the rest of Just A Gent’s EP is going to be. 




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