Ksenia Releases New Music Video For “Like It Or Not”

Stacking up credentials with endless Pop-hit material, Ksenia returns with her latest song and music video for “Like It Or Not.” The Russian-born singer continues to build on her fusion of trap, pop, and elements of country music to great effect, pulling the best from each genre to create a catchy and highly energized track for everyone to enjoy and get behind. Her knack for vocal ornamentation is unparalleled, with “Like It Or Not” putting the singer’s virtuosity on full display. 

The music video adds a new dimension to the already-complex track with empowering imagery anchored by bright, neon colours and situational context which gives insight into the meaning behind Ksenia’s lyrics. “Like It Or Not” proves to be another single which solidifies Ksenia’s prowess as a top independent songstress in the market. Stream it now below!




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