Last Heroes Unveil 8-Track ‘Finding Light’ EP Via Ophelia

Colorado duo Last Heroes have been on an absolute roll in 2020, churning out tune after tune from their studio, including a Seven Lions collaboration, a two-track mini-EP and a few singles. Now, their largest body of work yet has arrived via their home label, Ophelia.

Their sophomore full EP, ‘Finding Light’, compiles some of their best songs yet, not only from their comfort zone in melodic bass, but also spanning the genres of ambient, chillstep and house. Across eight tracks, Last Heroes tie together some stellar indie and folk vocal performances, a few catchy pop riffs and, of course, their signature dense melodic dubstep leads, cementing their sound for 2020.

Over the last couple of months, this EP was teased with two promotional singles, “Love Like Us ft. RUNN” and “Passing Through ft. Trove”. “Love Like Us” was hallmark Last Heroes, with deep growls and an angelic topline courtesy of melodic bass stalwart vocalist RUNN. “Passing Through” on the other hand was a foray into a sound they hadn’t explored before, one clearly more inspired by music past just EDM. Indie vocals from Trove and some tender percussion engender an upbeat yet soulful beat, crafting a soundscape similar to the EP-exclusive, Woodlock-assisted “In My Head”.

In “Better For It” with Clay Finnesand and “Atlas” with Heather Sommer, Last Heroes opt for a more orthodox, but no less compelling production strategy, nevertheless spicing each of the tunes up with some lovely vocal chops and raw, gritty dubstep leads respectively. A personal favorite, “Forevermore” with Isaac Warburton is progressive house produced with a melodic bass influence, reminiscent of Trivecta’s “Wasteland”. Finally, the intro and outro tracks both showcase the duo’s prowess over ambient sound design, evoking an ineffable and organic connection with nature with their production.

Of their most authentic project to date, Last Heroes say, “This project is a new step for us, marking our exploration into new sounds. So much of our growth, our ups and downs, and recent life are reflected in this work – we hope it has an impact on all of you and helps you find your light too.”




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