Lauren Torres Showcases Vulnerability In New Single ‘Mangos’

Renowned LA-based singer-songwriter Lauren Torres has always enchanted listeners with her lustrous vocals, but her latest track, “Mangos”, has a depth that reveals the true trajectory of her artistic evolution. As the fourth single from her forthcoming album, Trash, this song is more than just a melody – it’s an intimate letter to her younger self.

Drawing inspiration from musical titans like Stevie Wonder and Etta James, Lauren made her foray into the music scene in 2016 with the song “Lullaby”, accompanied by its evocative music video. Since that initial splash, she has been on a relentless quest to refine her artistry.

In “Mangos”, listeners get a glimpse of the paradise often dreamt of in childhood, a vision that seems to recede as the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood take center stage. Lauren herself describes the song as, “a story of shedding and replenishing youthful naïveté.” Through her rich lyrics, she postulates that while we navigate through life’s various stages, the essence of our younger selves never truly vanishes.

Accompanying this introspective track is a live performance video, elevating the song’s emotional resonance. With each passing release, Lauren Torres affirms her commitment to her craft, pushing her creative boundaries and deepening her bond with fans. And with “Mangos”, she has set the stage for Trash, which is eagerly anticipated by her ardent followers.

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