Tim Clark Releases Steampunk Themed Music Video For Future Rave Banger ‘Wake Up’

Tim Clark is certainly going to be turning heads with his incredible music video for “Wake Up.” The video plays out like a triple A video game trailer or a blockbuster film. No matter how you cut it, the scenes are epic, the whip he’s cruising in is next level, and the themes at hand are gritty, rustic, and filled with steam punk energy. The experience plays out like a trip to Burning Man, things getting other-worldly but in a totally badass way.

The video has a twist ending, where the viewer is left wondering did Tim experience a dream, a trip, or something that was forgotten but indeed was a complete reality.

Sonically, Tim Clark doesn’t lower the bar any less. The future rave sound that’s afoot sends adrenaline pumping through the body. When Jessica Zenzen lays down her vocal work, things only get better and the message more entrancing.

This single hits the mark through and through, Tim Clark showcasing himself as an artist with integrity who actually cares about the end art, the end story, and so on.

Tim Clark has history as a DJ but has upgraded to a DJ/producer in the last several months. He’s dropped 2 singles before this one and is hard-locked in on building moments around a brand with a cohesive message and plenty for fans to latch onto. “Wake Up,” is one of the best pieces of content that Tim Clark has made..for now.




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