London-based Duo Berne Strike Gold With Debut EP “Stay”

Using their passion for environmentalism and sustainability, Berne create alternative Earth-pop at it’s finest. Berne’s unique sound bravely speaks on the pitfalls of human development and industrialization on the natural world, they remain pioneers of a whole new era of pop, they’re calling it Earth-pop. Now looking to make their presence known, the two have just released a flawless debut EP by the name of “Stay.”

Comprising of three previously-released singles, one brand new track and a bonus track, the acoustic version of Berne’s first single ‘Oceans’. ‘Stay’ intimately and creatively explores important global themes such as the climate emergency, the refugee crisis, and animal rights.

“Our debut EP is a reflection of what keeps us up at night. It comes at a time when humans need to work together towards common goals more than ever. We really believe that small changes will collectively make a big impact and that is the common thread in all the songs.” – Berne


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