SEXPAYS Drops Infectious Remix Of Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’

With Charli XCX being a modern day sex-symbol who isn’t afraid to be revealing and having dropped a somewhat new album as well, it comes as no surprise that SEXPAYS decided to put his hand in the game and has gravitated toward this type of sonic content – there is common ground between the two. All jokes aside, SEXPAYS has drafted an easy-going remix of the original, pulling in melodic moments that hit the spot. He doesn’t stop there, the vocal editing is on point and helps meld the topline into the new direction he’s pushing the experience.

After releasing several originals back to back, SEXPAYS is taking a different turn and unleashing a bootleg that clearly speaks to him. He nailed it with this edit, the groovy vibe easy to enjoy time and time again.

SEXPAYS releases tend to have this sort of house aura about it. His songs are easy to imagine, popping off in the club and often boasting an old-school energy within at some point or another.

SEXPAYS has style and he has no problem dishing that out in this remix.

From a support outlook, the man is hitting nice numbers. He’s currently nearing 100,000 streams across all platforms, has received support from outlets like YourEDM and Dancing Astronaut, all while still continuing to maintain his reputation in NYC as one who thrives in the underground.

Expect more SEXPAYS in good time.




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