Once Again LOYAL Amaze with ‘Architect’

Returning with the debut release on their brand new self-titled imprint, Brighton collective Loyal reveal their 90s style piano house track ‘Architect’.

Featuring Bearcubs for vocals, ‘Architect’ possess incredible vocals that really take the overall track from good to amazing. The band have brought back their gospel choir to join Bearcubs The main melody is slowly introduced, and then builds up into an incredible climax.

“I was imagining me as a 19-year-old raver in Fabric and the me of 2019 talking to that 19-year-old raver,” says Laurence, one third of Loyal. “I was envious that its only time, distance and space between me and that 19 year old – a raver that didn’t give a fuck about anything. But a lot has changed, although a lot feels the same – so it’s also about being envious of the 19 year old version of yourself.”

LOYAL’s past success is evident, and this new record solidifies that. This production is perfect and may give you goosebumps!





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