Bearcubs Drops the Extra Sultry “Screentime”

With the evergrowing list of countries under lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis, we are in need of distractions and entertainment. Fortunately for us, many great artists are dropping new tunes and other mind-titillaters. One such beautiful titillater is Bearcubs new single, “Screentime”. It’s a wondrous follow-up to his February release of “Overthinking”, which was also released on Indie Pop and led him to be featured as a CULTR One To Watch.

Bearcubs is an artist that is pushing the needle on the supposed bounds of genres and how we define artists. At first glance or listen, he comes across as a chill, melodic electronic act with a bite of melancholy and a penchant for grumbling emotive vocals. These observations do have weight, but they drown Bearcubs artistry beneath descriptive waters that mute the true light of his sound. He is so much more than that and “Screentime” provides an excellent spotlight on the “more” that is Bearcubs.

“Screentime” does conjure vibes that are reminiscent of Nick Murphy’s early work when he was still known as Chet Faker, but that’s where the comparisons stop. There is something about “Screentime” that is unquestionably alluring. Maybe it’s the fact that Bearcubs crafted a song that speaks vibrantly about the modern struggles of connectivity and communication. Or its the fact that each flick of sound carries an evanescent weight of profound emotion. In simpler terms, it’s a sultry masterpiece that will strike the right chord with many, many listeners.

To better understand the narrative behind “Screentime” Bearcubs has provided a backstory:

Since moving away from England I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and connection, especially with my friends spread out in different places across the world, as the only way to contact them was through messages or video calls. It’s basically me looking at all this technology we have now and asking whether it can ever really fill the void when someone’s not there with you in person.

“Screentime” is another excellent single and is definitely worth the listen. It will also make you impatiently wait for the full album, Early Hours. To stream “Screentime” follow the link here or scroll down for the Spotify embed. For more information in the lead up to Bearcubs’ release of Early Hours, keep your eyes peeled to CULTR and Bearcubs’ social media.

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