Mallrat Releases Dreamy Indie-Pop Anthem “Charlie”

Australian artist Mallrat is truly a triple threat. She sings, writes, and produces her own songs. This gives her complete creative control over her music. Malltrat’s vision is showcased in her latest single, “Charlie,” a catchy indie-pop tune. Despite its airy, dream like quality, the track feels unbelievably grounded in reality. Starting off with a detuned piano, Mallrat embraces all the imperfections of life; many of the lyrics are ugly and imperfect, but real. “My mom she smells like cigarettes”…“I want coffee for breakfast” Mallrat sings.

Mallrat, who’s real name is Grace Shaw, started her musical career at a very young age. At just sixteen years old her entirely self-made tracks often reached the top of the Hype Machine charts. Since then, she’s grown steadily. Her unique sound has captured the ears of some of the most important curators in the industry, with Network calling her “the Hannah Montana of the rap game” and Google using her music in a commercial. Now, the young artist is sticking to her guts with her latest indie-pop single “Charlie.”

Stream “Charlie” Here:




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