Marshmello & Co Set Their Eyes On The Toddler Demographic With Mellodees

Marshmello has been at the forefront of media and fan engagement since the project’s inception. With noteworthy acts such as his Fortnite concert and his cooking and gaming series, the next step is taking on the audience of young kids.

Marshmello owes much of his popularity with children to the strategic vision of his business team, led by manager Moe Shalizi and The Shalizi Group COO Krista Carnegie. The group is now expanding the demographic to toddlers. On Friday July 10th it debuted Mellodees, a new YouTube animated series about a singing robot, aimed at kids between two and six years old. Marshmello himself may only make a cameo or two, but he created the setting and all the music.

Shalizi and co. had been working on merging electronic music with children’s education for the past year — a mission that grew more critical during the COVID-19 lockdown. “Children’s screen time is at an all-time high,” Shalizi tells Rolling Stone. By “blending creativity and innovation,” Shalizi says his company and Marshmello aim to “fill a gap in children’s programming.”

The project has been in the works for some time now, with it recently ramping up during the pandemic.

There has been incredible success found through nursery rhymes and associated content through YouTube, some to the extent of Cocomelon, which has an absurd 69+ billion plays and almost 90 million subscribers.

With Marshmello’s pre-established community, tapping into the younger market will not be as difficult as other entities. This comes as another smart move by Shalizi and co, showcasing why they’re one of the most promising management companies at the moment.

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