Matisse & Sadko Keep Melodic Progressive Alive With ‘Fade Away’

The Russian brothers Matisse & Sadko are back on good friend Martin Garrix’s own imprint STMPD. This time bringing the melodic progressive sound along with brilliant vocals from SMBDY.

The Russian duo have kept fans in awe with their recent slew of releases. This year has seen them release 5 singles, all on STMPD – teaming up with the likes of Martin Garrix, Apster and Robert Falcon.

The inspiration behind this release was Amsterdam, Matisse & Sadko were in the city over the summer and immediately started working based of the inspiration they felt. The lyrics present a sprinkle of melancholy – something aligned with Amsterdam’s August weather.

SMBDY has really delivered with these vocals, they intertwine with the melodic instrumental to create a euphonious masterpiece. Matisse and Sadko are a master of melodies and that is ever present in this single. Once again the pair have outdone themselves.

This track was not just made by Matisse & Sadko, the credits reveal production assistance from non over than Martin Garrix, as well as fellow STMPD artist Osrin. You can certainly feel a bit of Garrix in this record, Osrin on the other hand produces a contrasting genre so it isn’t clear what input he had.




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