Mau5trap and Insomniac Team Up For Compilation Album

When two certified tastemakers combine their greatest talents the outcome is often something unique and captivating. With the release of mau5trap and Insomniac’s new collaborative album that is exactly what we have.

Simply titled mau5trap x Insomniac, it includes 10 imaginative tracks from both imprints rosters, among them a special remix of label head Deadmau5 and a variety of new tracks from the likes of Dustycloud, Kindrid, MASTERIA, Golf Clap, Morelia, Hidden Face, C.H.A.Y, Ghost Dance and Sysdemes.

The compilation album kicks of with Melbourne artist EDDIE’s remix of deadmau5’s ‘Let Go’. Like the original, its a slow-paced production that then kicks into gear with the punchy electronic drop.

Further highlights from the package come in the form of ‘Falling Down’, Kindrids track with Eva Grace. Taking inspiration from deadmau5 and No Mana, Kindrid creates a melodic masterpiece with Eva brings the vocals to match. Interestingly we learned Kindrid was looking for a vocalist when his friend matched with Eva on Tinder and now here they are! This production feels right at home on the compilation and we look forward to hearing more from Housten based producer.

Detroit-based producers Golf Clap and MASTERIA team up to deliver a booming house anthem titled ‘Mystery Scene’. This high-energy production caught the attention of both the labels and has found a home on their collaborative project.

Snappy drums and a groovy bassline are found throughout the track. A catchy vocal builds the energy in the track while listeners are greeted with an array of slamming bass and layered kick patterns.

Collaboration between labels is not that present in music, but when they do occur they’re always special. We hope to see another mau5trap x Insomniac project in the future.





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