New Dance Sounds: Audien & Cate Downey, Codeko, Koven + More

Dive in below to find some of the best new dance music out this week!

Audien & Cate Downey – Wish It Was You [Armada]

After releasing a handful of dance pop and tropical house tunes earlier this year by way of ‘Learn To Love Again’ and ‘Blue’, Audien’s newest record marks the Grammy-nominated producer’s homecoming within his progressive house and trance origins. 

Codeko – Moment of Silence [lowly]

Codeko graces lowly with his new single ‘Moment of Silence’. Featuring his own vocals, the record is an incredible representation of his talents. The melodies and sound design are amazing and if you haven’t jumped on the Codeko train yet, maybe ‘Moment of Silence’ will be the track that makes you.

Koven – Say What You Want [UKF]

Koven return to UKF with vibrant new single ‘Say What You Want’. Even with the challanges over the past week, the single is more proof that Koven have taken inspiration from their surroundings and are still providing listeners with the poignant, high-energy records which made them such an enviable force.

Sentinel – All I Wanna Do [Enhanced]

Melbourne based trio Sentinel make their debut on Enhanced with ‘All I Wanna Do’. The uplifting single is another terrific record from the brothers and hopefully kicks off more releases for them in 2021.

Cadence feat. Grace Baker – Back To You [7 Reasons/Teamwrk]

The newest single to come from Cadence’s upcoming EP sees him team up with vocal talent Grace Baker again. ‘Back To You’ expresses touching lyrics together with a bouncy, fresh production.

Spencer Brown & Qrion – Rainy April [Anjunadeep]

First heard three years ago in Spencer Brown’s set at Above & Beyond Group Therapy 300 event in Hong Kong, the pair’s collaborative single ‘Rainy April’ became a fan favorite. The record has finally arrived and is a perfect blend of each artists’ styles.

Korky Buchek – Katt Williams

The funky house track is built around audio of comedian Katt Williams, once again proving they can create whatever they want without following the rules of music creation. The funky house record is another great addition to Korky Bucheck’s diverse discography.

STAR SEED, Jecht & PSTB3R – Kanon [Lost In Dreams]

Before the festival arrives, Lost In Dreams have released the official compilation. Experimental live duo STAR SEED are gracing the album with one of the package’s exclusive offerings, “Kanon,” a feelsy dance record featuring Minti and PSYB3R. The uplifting number is backed by feel-good vocals, gleaming melodies, laser arpeggiations and punchy drums. 

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