Nitti Gritti Taps Mario For Soulful New Single ‘Another Way’

Early 2000s R&B fans rejoice: your hero Mario is back in 2020 making bangers with Nitti Gritti, and the results are as magical as you might expect.

Released today via Spinnin’ Records, “Another Way” sees Nitti Gritti once again proving his production chops with a colorful future bass track, reminiscent at times of a Mura Masa or Snakehips production, with Nitti’s big bass heavy signature adding a unique flare. Mario delivers his classic R&B vocal to the table, and as an early fan of his, it’s great to hear his voice gracing a song like this. The two artists’ styles blend surprisingly well together, and above all “Another Way” is just pure fun.

Mario has been steadily going strong with his latest sexy single “Closer”, perhaps hinting at a new album from the crooner. Nitti Gritti too, is seemingly unstoppabable as of late, with 2020 seeing two EPs and collaborations with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Ookay, Wuki and more. Check his hilariously entertaining Instagram to see what musical shenanigans he’s been up to during the quarantine.

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