One Year After Its Release, Hermitude Add Four New Tracks To ‘Pollyanarchy’ With The Deluxe Version

Approximately one year after Pollyanarchy’s release via Elefant Traks/Nettwerk Records, Australian duo Hermitude decided to re-release this album with four special additions. Originally, there were eleven songs as seen in the Spotify playlist below.

Now, the talented duo have added “Don’t Forget Me (feat. Drew Love),” “Overdue (feat. Kameron),” “Janela (feat. Kimbra),” and “Spotlight (feat. Daniel Bedingfield)” to this chart-topping album. Lead single “Don’t Forget Me” is a groovy, catchy, synth-heavy track Hermitude made with smooth vocals from Drew Love, which has quite a funny backstory.

The tune was almost overlooked and lost among other emails. Hermitude remarked, “this tune is a special one… we were working with Drew Love on another track, and halfway through the session, he asked us what we thought of ‘Don’t Forget Me,’ to which we replied, ‘what’s that?’ Turns out he demoed the track six months earlier and we never received it. He put it on, and we were like ‘this is sick!’ So we ditched the other song and finished this one, and we’re happy we did!”

“Overdue (feat. Kameron)” is a low flung electronica cut mixed with R&B elements. The next feature from this re-release, “Janela (feat. Kimbra),” is highly reflective of Hermitude’s range in production, infusing jazz, soul, and R&B. “Spotlight (feat. Daniel Bedingfield),” a track receiving plays across BBC1, brings in those feel-good, upbeat house vibes.

The duo feels that these four bonus tracks “complete the chapter as they each hold their special backstory and help round out the story and vibe of what Pollyanarchy feels to us.” To order Pollyanarchy (Deluxe) click here.

Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
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