Orbital Drops New Single, ‘Are You Alive?’, From Upcoming Studio Album, ‘Optical Delusion’

For over 30 years, Orbital has been a household name in the world of EDM. Throughout their lengthy career, this iconic duo has released a number of auditory masterpieces, such as “Satan”, “Belfast”, and “Chime”. Consisting of brothers, Paul and Phil Hartnoll, they broke out onto the scene of acid house in 1988, and have been trailblazing for young artists ever since. Kicking off 2023, Orbital is breaking the mold once again with their brand new single “Are You Alive?”

Teaming up renowned brother-sister act Penelope Isles, “Are You Alive?” is the latest addition to Orbital’s upcoming album Optical Delusion, which will be available on February 17. This is the third track to be revealed from the album, following the popular “Dirty Rat” with Sleaford Mods and “Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song)” featuring The Mediaeval Baebes. By channeling mind-bending lyrics and interstellar soundscapes, “Are You Alive?” adds to Orbital’s list of tracks that question the nature of our existence. The song was forged when the lyrics by Lily Wolter of Penelope Isles were fused with Orbital’s instrumental piece, resulting in an unforgettable breakup anthem.

Continuing to shape the future of EDM, “Are You Alive?” is the perfect precursor to the forthcoming Optical Delusion, which will delve into the increasingly chaotic and unpredictable lives we live. With a long-standing reputation for their live shows, Orbital will excitingly take on a stacked UK tour in the spring, showcasing their tenth studio album.





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