Will Laroca Debuts on Virgin Music With Moving Single ‘Holy Ones’

From the mind of prosperous Swedish artist William Fredriksson, comes a brand new project that is taking the pop and EDM genres by storm. Will Laroca is the alias of Fredriksoon that no one can stop talking about ever since his recent release of “Holy Ones”. After a hiatus in motivation towards producing, Will sat down with his spiritual mentor Cristian and through prayer was inspired to write the lyrics for “Holy Ones” that same night.

Explaining his shift in style and persona, Will says, “the transition into house music came from a genuine interest in mixing different music styles and experimenting with different tempos and genres. Because of my hip-hop background with very meaningful and personal text and content, it came naturally to me to mix them and create my own take on EDM with deep lyrics. I’m a musician with the greatest respect for the art of music. The possibility to express emotions, dreams and thoughts through a song is what drives me. I basically fell in love with making melodies.”

Clearly showcasing Will’s passion for making melodies, “Holy Ones” combines progressions of slap and melodic house to form a rhythmic pop-EDM anthem. Adding to strong sense of passion within the track, Will weaves spiritual components and Christian hymns throughout. Encompassing the voice of an angel, “Holy Ones” conveys the message of selecting the correct road in life, and believing in yourself to have the ability to make positive change in the world.

With such a beautiful song, it seems only right that there’s a eye-catching music video to go along with “Holy Ones”. While trying to escape the clutches of a sandstorm, Will is saved by a good-gearted stranger. His rescuer is the symbol of hope and virtuity in our lives. Between the song and music video, “Holy Ones” is a step in the right direction for veteran artist Will Laroca.




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