Pagu Releases Video For ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’

Florida panhandle-based electronic pop artist Pagu has made what could be his best record yet in “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Released on Global League, an Australian-based label, the solo multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist creates an intensely emotional mood through the use of heavy snyths, eased drums, and a vocal melody which touches the soul. Atop of this is a music video for the song, showcasing a live performance mixed with edits that blend the line between reality and a digital fantasy world.

Pagu exudes a youthful disposition and a brand that simply feels cool. His ability to come off natural and appear like his music is an intrinsic apart of his being is one of many aspects that draws more fans to experience what Pagu has to offer.

With another Global League release signed for 2022, Pagu is making the right moves and is clearly on the rise.




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