Pagu Releases 2nd Track Of 2021 Titled ‘Call Back’

Indie/new wave oriented as well as paired with a poppy vocal topline, “Call Back,” calibrates a smooth balance that makes the track a stand out. From the first moments, a throwback quality is quickly sensed, the keyboard work plus groovy drums begin to capture the attention. A more soothing nature soon takes the limelight as the vocals rev up to capture the focal point. Playing the role of composer, producer, writer, and singer on the track, perhaps the many components of himself put into the project helps drive the uniqueness and quality-nature within. An eased setting is captured altogether as Pagu sings a romantic story fit for modern times.

Pagu, aka Jonah Tatum, is a multi-instrumentalist from the panhandle of Florida who both DJ’s and performs live sets. Only 21, he’s played over a dozen shows in multiple states with the USA, with more events planned in late summer. His style of releasing typically leans on a more cheery side which often features his own vocals, while his DJ sets can get quite grimy – a darker side getting it’s moment to peak out.

“Call Back,” is one of many charming works from the rising artist, if you like what you hear, dive into the Pagu catalog on any major DSP.




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