Petit Biscuit Releases Emotional Single ‘I Leave Again’ with Shallou

20-year-old Indie Electronic icon Petit Biscuit took to social media earlier this week to signal the end of his 11-month hiatus, revealing his heavily anticipated first release of 2020.

The new release titled ‘I Leave Again’ follows the release of his 2019 summer hit “We Were Young” which featured platinum-selling UK singer JP Cooper. This time the talented producer has connected with longtime friend and esteemed talent Shallou, who previously remixed his single ‘Problems’ featuring Lido. Shallou comes off the back of featuring on OTR‘s new album ‘Lost At Midnight’ as well as his own LP ‘Magical Thinking’ which features the likes of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, The Knocks and Daya.

Together Petit Biscuit and Shallou present us with a musical gem on ‘I Leave Again’, fans of both artists will be more than pleased by their collaboration. It’s an emotionally charged song which describes the feeling of leaving a broken relationship for the last time, contrasting the good times of the past with the emptiness of the current. With lyrics such as “I try to feel you but you are gone” and it blends soothing melodies with a powerful punch that sends the message across.

Fans have waited in anticipation for new music from the ‘Sunset Lover’ producer for some time, but his consistent streak of streaming smashes proves that Petit Biscuit is an artist more focused on quality over quantity. That being said we can only hope that this release is the first of a broader body of work or an album which could follow later this year and that he won’t leave us hanging again.

Listen to ‘I Leave Again’ on Spotify below or watch the cinematic lyric video which is a perfect pairing to the emotional song, depicting the frames of a house burning in an array of locations.




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