Porter Robinson Unveils Final ‘Nurture’ Single “Musician”

Porter Robinson has today released what will be the final single ahead of his highly anticipated Nurture album release. “Musician” is a uniquely personal track for the artist, yet sticks with the uplifting themes of the record we’ve heard thus far.

A frenzied break beat backdrop acts as a perfect accompaniment to Porter’s lyrics about what it means to him to be a musician. “I just can’t stop I’m sorry”, he sings in response to constant questioning of his life choices from friends and family. The feeling that music brings to him means more than anything. “This is why we do it / For the feeling”, a sentiment anyone with a passion will relate to wholeheartedly.

“‘Musician’ was one of the very last songs written for Nurture. The song is meant to feel like a celebration, like I’m revelling in the joy of newfound inspiration,” Porter says. “If the rest of Nurture is about me trying to find hope for the future, ‘Musician’ is like a celebration of that hope materialising. It was one of the last songs that I wrote for the album, and it’s honestly a celebration of the album itself. That’s where the title comes from. It’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve found my footing, and I know I can really do this now.’ And I just tried to throw all of my rules away and have as much fun as possible. Ironically enough, this is the least sad song on the album, but this is the song that makes me cry. It’s the fun one. I just sound so happy on that song.”

Porter said on Twitter last week that “Musician” will be the final single from his upcoming sophomore LP Nurture, meaning fans will have to wait until April 23rd to hear more. Hype has been building steadily for over a year now, so one can only hope that Nurture as a whole will live up to it. Given the quality of the singles, we’re beyond excited to hear it all come together. Watch this space.




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