Flying Private: Ten Pin Bowling In A Jet with Alan Walker & Jonas Aden

It’s not everyday you get to fly in a private jet with your best friends, but have you ever thought about what you would do given the chance?. Here’s one look on the possibilities in a mini hangover style movie meets tour recap movie from Twins Productions.

Norwegian DJ & producer Jonas Aden got invited by Alan Walker to support him for at the final shows across his Europe tour, they were flying private for the first time on the way to Poland and had some spare seats. So what did he do? Brought along some of his best friends of course. The action packed journey features bowling in the aisle, canapes and juggling along with some epic footage of the show in Poland. The real story is intertwined around a hilariously random and unexpected side story.

Among Jonas friends are the highly talented brothers Andreas & Erek Hem who as you may have guessed make video team Twins Productions. They’ve put together this mini movie of the experience and built an entertaining storyline, while creatively apologising for taking a while since making his last Vlog. Andreas shares tricks and tutorials on how he does some of his favourite effects including some seen in this clip.

One things for sure now we can see why he was so busy.

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