Rain Man & Pete Join Forces for New Single ‘Over It’ Feat. Rebecca Brunner

Dance DJ and producer Rain Man, releases a new single ‘Over It’ with colleague Pete Cho and vocalist Rebecca Brunner. The track is available now on all streaming platforms. Rain Man has made a massive contribution to the modern electronic music scene, reaching #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Album chart as Krewella’s core producer on the album Get Wet. The collaboration between this trio, is quite diverse, as Pete Cho spent years touring festivals around the United States and Rebecca Brunner was a member of Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice.

This joint effort teamed up to create a track that underlines the hardships that the world has conquered collectively over the past year due to the pandemic. Rain Man stated in a recent interview with EDM.com.”It’s time for me to share all of the music I’ve been working on. I’m not just a DJ, a music producer, a guitarist, or a songwriter… I’m a musician and I’m going to get all of this art that I’ve been creating out into the world. The times of sitting on finished records that I love and want to share with people is over.”

Between Rainman’s bass-heavy beats, Pete Cho’s signature electronic sound, and Rebecca Brunner’s powerful vocals, the trio was able to successfully produce a song full of optimistic sounds. Listen now, as this track is likely to be on replay this summer.


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