REAPER’s Debut Album “DISRUPTOR” Pushes For Change In North America

There are numerous electronic music genres that come and go. Drum and bass, a UK-born genre that now has a global following, is the exception to the norm. With no shortage of originality or work ethic among its DJs and producers, as well as a rabid fan base, all the scene may have lacked was a major artist. Enter REAPER, a mysterious but determined American-born producer. Reaper is heeding drum and bass’ call to conquer and flourish, having amassed over 30 million streams and performing ferocious live sets around North America.

The ultra-aggressive producer announced the release of his first full album, “Disruptor,” with the intention of bringing drum and bass to the people with no remorse. “Disruptor” enters the fray via Insomniac’s Bassrush Records to a lot of fanfare and anticipation.

“I wrote DISRUPTOR about the distinctions and attributes that I’m striving to establish as REAPER. I want to be remembered as a force that eternalized the drum and bass movement. The songs and stories I’m sharing are intended to create an unstoppable movement to bring people together. While writing the album, I continuously referred to the idea of Newton’s Law, that an object in motion will stay in motion unless disrupted.  DISRUPTOR is designed to create a new wave, a new motion, and initiate acceleration. I am the DISRUPTOR.

The concept was to become a monument that interfered with anyone who doubted or wanted to gatekeep drum and bass. I want to share with the world how to love dnb more simply because I love it so much myself. This record is a testament to new fans that I’ve committed to coaching how to expand their love for drum and bass. I want to show listeners a selection of drum and bass that feels fresh yet familiar so they can love the genre more.” – REAPER

REAPER has been co-signed and sponsored by some of the most well-known names in Drum and Bass, including Pendulum, Netsky, Sub Focus, and Dimension, as well as EDM heavyweights like Illenium, Excision, Zeds Dead, RL Grime, and Kayzo. As REAPER continues to gain momentum, expect the upcoming release, his debut studio album, to be soon followed by as many live shows as possible.




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