Remix Radar 020: Featuring EDX, Nora En Pure, and Virgil Abloh

Welcome back, friends! To begin, I would like to share with you a little fun fact. The phrase “Catch you on the flipside” is from the time when DJ’s would exclusively play vinyl. They would not talk until they had to flip the vinyl and thus, “catch you on the flipside” was born. I always find the cultural impact from early dance and DJing to be quite interesting because most of it has always been on the peripheral, yet there are quite a few examples of the dance scene and music that impact culture on a whole, like “catch you on the flipside” becoming a common phrase.

With that being said, Remix Radar is here to shine a light on the dope remixes that will influence culture and sounds that shape the future of music. This week we feature EDX, Nora En Pure, and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh. Scroll down for the best feature in music!

Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine – I’m Not Alright (EDX’s Dubai Skyline Remix)

To kick-off this week’s Remix Radar, EDX serves up a “Dubai Skyline” edition of Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine’s highly successful “I’m Not Alright”. EDX drenches the original’s soul with his signature emotional-laced dance production. The song is chilled, perfect for the closing days of summer.

Eelke Kleijn Ft. Ost – Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix)

My favorite remix of the week! Nora En Pure strikes all the right chords with a melodic house remix of Eelke Kleijn’s “Lost Souls”. Nora pulls an emotive response out of listeners as the piano chords and synths swell and swirl.

Kaskade & Meghan Trainor – With You (LöKii Remix)

LöKii makes Kaskade and Meghan Trainor’s “With You” into his own track. He transforms it into a down-tempo, deep house sort of track that is rather unique and different than the original. The way LöKii uses the vocals and builds the production he extracts an emotional pull that gets listeners to connect to the song.

Matoma Ft. Bryn Christopher – All Around The World (Ferreck Dawn Remix)

Ferreck Dawn unleashes his other-worldly dance vibes upon Matoma’s “All The Around The World”. The remix is a sizzler designed to move dancefloors at all hours of the day with an irresistible beat and a shimmering sound design.

Michael Calfan Ft. Monique Lawz – Wild Game (Ferreck Dawn Remix)

Ferreck Dawn makes another appearance this week with his remix of Michael Calfan’s “Wild Game”. Similar to his remix for Matoma, Mr. Dawn expertly constructs a vibe and beat destined to move dancefloors. As I type this, I’m shaking my booty in my chair. It’s an intoxicating sound.

Perto & Kah-lo – Bad Maybe Good (Dillon Nathaniel Remix)

Dillon Nathaniel conjures some magic to transform the hip-hop and pop-laced “Bad Maybe Good” by Perto & Kah-lo. Dillon truly makes the track his own by constructing an original sound and vibe. The minimalist bass-house sound has quite the punch and impact.

CMC$ Ft. Happy Sometimes & 5$Shake – Time Machine (BeauDamian Remix)

The most unique remix of the week, brudgeoning artist, BeauDamian, unwinds his magical sound upon “Time Machine”. He combines elements of trap, house, and some hip-hop that amalgamates into an infectious remix.

Jack Wins – Hold Your Breath (Guz Remix)

Jack Wins’ “Hold Your Breath” receives the remix pack treatment with a standout version coming from Guz. His remix features a uber coolness and sexiness that coerces bodies to sway and move to the beat. There is an early 2000s dance vibe to the Guz remix that I love.

Loco Dice – We’re Alive (Virgil Abloh Remix)

What can’t Virgil do? Fashion designer, music producer & DJ, and fights crime in his spare time. Okay… the last one isn’t true (as far as we know), but that doesn’t mean Virgil hasn’t been crushing the house/club sound. His remix of Loco Dice’s “We’re Alive” has the spirit of old school house and dance sounds, while having a modern flair that Virgil has expertly crafted.

The rest of Loco Dice’s remix pack is also quite tasty. It features remixes from DJ Tennis, Truncate, Bambounou, and Ellen Allien. If you’re into cute, EDM types of music, this pack is DEFINITELY not for you.

TENDER – No Devotion (LANNDS Remix)

LANNDS creates an absolutely sultry vibe out of TENDER’s “No Devotion”. It’s very dark and brooding while having a delicate feel to the synths and chord structure. This remix is perfect for indie dance and indie electronic fans.


HVNNIBVL provides a nice, whimsical remix of his own track, “Water”. He weaves together elements of pop, Jazz, and bounce-house to create a delightful track. It’s perfect for the end of the summer vibe.

Pierce Fulton Ft. Noosa – What Is Gonna Make You Happy? (Urbandawn Remix)

Pierce Fulton’s “What Is Gonna Make You Happy?” gets a hyper-DnB remix from Urbandawn. The rising Brazilian artist unleashes his unique style of DnB and sound design to create something unexpected.


KUČKA – Divinity (Mazde Remix)

Fresh from the year 2015, Mazde creates a mesmerizing sound out of KUČKA’s “Divinity”. The swelling of bass and synths dances around the vocals to create a vibrant emotive sound that always brought me back for more. Quite remarkable for one of the first releases from Mazde.





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