Remix Radar 026: Featuring Nora En Pure, MK, and MEDUZA

We’re at the half-year mark of Remix Radars. Crazy how time flies with great tunes! This week we’re all about quality over quantity. We feature tantalizing remixes from Nora En Pure, MK, and MEDUZA. Plus to top it off like a fine wine, we have some of the freshest and most creative remixes of the year. Scroll down to reveal the wonders of this week’s Remix Radar!

Above & Beyond & Seven Lions Ft. Opposite The Other – See The End (Nora En Pure Remix)

Nora En Pure pulls listeners into the depths of swirling synths, lush violins and penetrating, yet delicate piano chords on her remix of “See The End”. There isn’t anything quite like the emotive connection that comes from Nora’s tracks and this one is no different.

Georgia – Never Let You Go (MK Remix)

MK brings his sultry and distinct sound to the indie-pop tune, “Never Let You Go”, from Georgia. It’s built from his trademark house stylings with a wonderous vocal chop and jubilant piano melody. It will stir feelings of joy and hope that, I believe, will bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter the circumstances.

R Plus & Dido – My Boy (MEDUZA Remix)

We at CULTR have extensively covered the meteoric rise of MEDUZA and all praise has been deserved. He add another incendiary track to his discography with his remix of “My Boy” by R Plus and Dido. The production is exquisite and the vocals fit like a glove.

Big Wild Ft. Rationale – 6’s to 9’s (CAZZETTE Remix)

Last week, Big Wild dropped his remix pack for “6’s to 9’s” and it contains the joyous remix from CAZZETTE. The song is rather downtempo, but it has nice energy that swirls and encapsulates listeners. I can imagine this track set to confetti falling with lasers and lights flashing, while a crowd ravenously consumes every ounce.

SHAED & ZAYN – Trampoline (Joel Corry Remix)

SHAED first grabbed our attention with the original version of “Trampoline”, which danced around our consciouses for what seemed like ages and was aided by its placement in an Apple MacBook Air TV Commercial. They followed it up with a duet version that features ZAYN that has also racked up millions and millions of plays. That version receives the Joel Corry treatment and becomes a boisterous and dark house tune. The ominous feel works well with the vocals of both artists.

Honors – Automatic (Two Can Remix)

Easily the freshest remix of the week. Two Can’s unexpected flip of Honors’ Automatic deserves multiple listens to digest and appreciate the full sonic range of the ear-candy. Who knew Two Can and Honors could become so wonderfully wacky?

Laurent Wolf – No Stress (Sofi Tukker Remix)

The Laurent Wolf revival of “No Stress” continues with another fresh remix. This time from Sofi Tukker. The duo spins the track into a unique and distinct sound that contains a driving rhythm and piano melody that leads listeners down a sonic path built by equal parts of raucous and mysterious energy.

Adam Beyer – What You Need (Kölsch Remix)

Kölsch refreshes Adam Beyer’s 2015 track, “What You Need”. The track builds and bubbles bringing listeners on the twisted and euphoric journey that comes from the mixture of Kölsch and Adam Beyer. The remix does the original its justice.

Crooked Colours – Heart String (Christopher Port Remix)

Crooked Colours continues their remix releases and employ Christopher Port to bring his sound to “Heart String”. There’s a cool, deep grooviness Christopher brings to the song. It builds and swells with intricate sound design that will keep the most distracted of listeners entranced.

KiWi – Witch’s Lesson (Wiwek Remix)

Wiwek unleashes ferocious waves of bass and distortion directly into the brain stem on his remix of KiWi’s “Witch’s Lesson”. This remix will make you feel like you’re on a bad trip through a demented Alice In Wonderland.

Loocalooma – Mirabella (Avoure Remix)

Avoure adds driving rhythm to the deep, melodic vibe of Loocalooma’s Mirabella, with captivating results. The exhilarating tune is perfect as an end-of-night soundtrack.

Funkerman – Speed Up (Menesix Remix)

The 2006 release “Speed Up” from Funkerman receives a revitalization from Menesix. His remix brings a deep, techy reimaging spiced with piercing synths for extra flavor. A perfect revival for a classic.


Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

“Sleeping Ute” was a massive tune for Grizzly Bear. It sent the group hurling forwarded, front and center of the Indie world. To do it justice, it would take a mind of equal genius to provide anything that would remotely do it justice. Fortunately, Nicolas Jaar got his hands on “Sleeping Ute” and created a beautiful arrangement. He fills the remix full of rich sounds that oscillate between the highs and lows of the sound spectrum and builds with seductive energy that ensnares listeners in its wake. It’s a perfect remix from Nicolas Jaar.





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