Remix Radar 042: Featuring Riton, Mr. Tapes, and Skream

Welcome back to Remix Radar! I’ve lost track of what day is what and the number of days I’ve been locked inside. Strange times indeed. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing what they can to keep our societies running as normal as possible. Today is April Fool’s Day which means be careful and keep your wits about. Edition 042 will help distract you from the silly holiday and the on-going crisis. This week we feature Riton, Mr. Tapes, and Skream. Scroll down for the fun!

Topic & A7S – Breaking Me (Riton Remix)

Riton is on an absolute tear. Last week I featured his “braindead” Remix and now he’s back one week later for his “Breaking Me” released through Universal. I think we’re witnessing the next evolution and fandom explosion for Riton.

Kaskade & Kosha Dillz – Sexy (Mr. Tape Remix)

Longtime Kaskade collaborator, Mr. Tape steps up to deliver the rambunctious remix of “Sexy”. It shakes, rattles, and stirs in all the right ways. I’m not going to lie, I prefer Mr. Tape’s version over the original.

DJ Fresh – Drive (Skream Remix)

Skream was one of the first DJs that helped expand my mind beyond Daft Punk, Justice, OG Calvin Harris, and other relatively mainstream-crossover acts. One of his essential mixes with Benga absolutely blew me away and sent me on this crazy path in dance music. Sadly, I haven’t found the mix in my files or online, but I will share it once I do.

In other news, Skream continues to highlight his masterful sound design on this remix of DJ Fresh’s “Drive”.

Martin Garrix Ft. Clinton Kane – Drown (Matroda Remix)

I am honestly surprised by how much I enjoy this Matroda remix. I haven’t really been a fan of Martin Garrix’s originals or the remixes, but Matroda did a fantastic job at peeling away the commercial layers to make “Drown” his own.

Jonas Blue & Paloma Faith – Mistakes (Paul Woolford Remix)

Similar to what I said above about Martin Garrix, I really haven’t been able to get into Jonas Blue’s recent work. Of course I still love his “Fast Cars” cover, but I’m not the right market for the tunes that followed. Fortunately for cynics like me, Paul Woolford delivers a mesmerizing remix that I can easily get lost in.

Jessie Ware – Spotlight (Icarus Remix)

I love Icarus. They weave such intricate sounds that penetrate my mind sending me on an electronic wave. Their remix of Jessie Ware’s “Spotlight” continues their string of inventive, atmospheric, and ethereal sounds.

R+ & Dido – My Boy (Huxley’s Head In The Clouds Remix)

I’ve already featured several of the “My Boy” remixes. Proof that songs can have multiple lives that work in unison. This time Huxley takes listeners into the fluffy clouds with his “My Boy” remix. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful vibe of colorful sounds and the sweet vocals.

CamelPhat Ft. Cari Golden – Freak (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)

Hidden amongst CamelPhat’s recent release of “Freak” is the Matthias Tanzmann remix. Thankfully, I noticed it because Matthias creates something really great. Personally, I prefer the remix to the original version.

Tensnake Ft. Fiora – Automatic (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

Kraak & Smaak have been popping off this year. They’ve brought a really cool style that blends nu-disco and house to unleash an encapsulating vibrance of spirited funness. Their remix of Tensnake’s “Automatic” continues that vibe and will easily get the coldest of hearts to dance their feelings out.

Moon Boots Ft. Nic Hanson – Clear (Garrett David Remix)

Moot Boots’s “Clear” gets the remix treatment from Garrett David and Wookie. My favorite of the pair is Garrett David’s rendition. He adds an extra layering of orchestral sounds that adds a really nice flavor.

Ost & Kjex – Kaputt (Karmon Remix)

A part of Ost & Kjex’s new EP came the remix of the titular track, “Kaputt”. Easily one of my favorite remixes of the last few weeks, Karmon gets listeners entranced in a wave of searing synths and thumping beats. It’s everything I want from a dance track.

DJ Vivona – Waiting For You (Alexander Technique Remix)

Gah damn, this song bangs hard. Alexander Technique takes listeners to the depths of dark, prodding techno on his remix of “Waiting For You”. His steely sound design works wondrously with the vocal. It almost feels like it was made for the techno-sphere.

Tobtok & Adam Griffin – Just Can’t Get Enough (Future Kings Remix)

Tobtok and Adam Griffin’s cover of Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” gets a fresh remix from Future Kings. While the original version felt more like a rework honoring the track, Future Kings version feels more original and unique.

Luke Million Ft. Asta – Heard It On The Radio (Waveshaper Remix)

I love synth-wave sounds. Waveshapper takes Luke Million’s “Heard it On The Radio” to a whole new level of synth-y atmosphere. It’s simply amazing.

Sharam Jey, Chemical Surf, & Woo2Tech – I Can Tell You (Dubdisko Remix)

Released alongside the original version, Dubdisko takes “I Can Tell You” to an enchanting level of whimsical tech-house that is one of my favorite tracks in that genre of dance music. It’s easy to get lost in the beats and sounds on this remix.


Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)

I’ve been in a big flume kick as of late. His newest track with Toro Y Moi is absolutely brilliant and its inclusion in the AirPods commercial is excellent. On top of that, it’s easy to get it stuck in people’s heads and is a really great uplifting track in these trying times. With that in mind, let’s take it back to his Disclosure remix, which served as Flume’s launchpad into the electronic stratosphere.




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