Remix Radar 052: Featuring Flume, Diplo, and Carl Cox

We are back with Remix Radar! We are on the 52nd edition and it should mean I’m back to the weekly posts. This week we feature remixes from the past two weeks or so and feature Flume, Diplo, and Carl Cox. There are quite a few gems below so get ready for the fun!

Eiffel 65 – Blue (Flume Remix)

For a lot of people, Eiffel 65 was their first experience with dance music so to speak. I still remember this exploding and being a confused 7-year-old by my peers obsession. Surprisingly, it’s taken this long into the DSP landscape to get a major artist remixing this record. Also surprisingly, it’s Flume who did it. I never would have guessed in a million years he would be the one to remix “Blue”. Well, he did and it’s kind of cool with modern trap stylings. Not going to lie, I still don’t get “Blue”, even if Flume touched it.

Mathame – Never Give Up (Diplo Remix)

For the longtime readers, you will know that I am a massive Mathame fan and, in particular, “Never Give Up”. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that I still favor the original over Diplo’s spin. However, I do dig the deep, downtempo house spin that Diplo brings. It should hopefully bring more eyes and introduce people to the amazing music of Mathame.

deadmau5 & The Neptunes – Pomegranate (Carl Cox Remix)

I really enjoy “Pomegranate”, but it really does not feel like a deadmau5 record. Maybe it’s a sign of a new deadmau5 iteration incoming? Either way, Carl Cox brings an incendiary remix to the airwaves. He takes it to a faster and steelier sound that is wondrously delicious.

Latroit, Fred Falke, & Zen Freeman Ft. Charlz – Hungover (French Dub)

I’ve had this record on repeat, since it dropped. Everything about it is incredible. The beat is thick and juicy. The swirling sound design is tantalizing. The vocal mesmerizes with intoxication. These elements culminate in a beautiful funk-laden track, perfect for getting hips to move and ice-cold hearts to melt.

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Over five years ago, Duke Dumont dropped “Ocean Drive” and its accompanying remixes. It sent Duke even further into the atmosphere and helped set the stage for his influence to be felt across the globe. Surprisingly, “Ocean Drive” was included in his debut album, which dropped this year. I’m not sure what the reasoning was for including a five-year-old track, but it did fit neatly amongst the fresh records of Duality. Fortunately for us, we also received a new remix from Purple Disco Machine. He brings his trademark disco and funk vibes to make a truly incredible new record.

Moby – My Only Love (Tale Of Us & Anyma Remix)

Tale Of Us and Anyma team up to create a breathtaking remix of Moby’s “My Only Love”. The remix shivers with ethereal tentacles and prickly percussion to weave an atmospheric sound. It’s incredible, which is no surprise coming from Tale Of Us and the rising Anyma.

Tinashe Ft. Ms Banks – Die A Little Bit (ZHU Remix)

ZHU returns to work with Tinashe following their recent collaboration, “ONLY”, to remix “Die A Little Bit”. In classic ZHU fashion, he brings a thumping beat and spices it with some mysterious and dark synths and a sharp alluring piano melody. He also adds a distorted synth that blares with penetrative fervor. It definitely has a similar vibe to “ONLY” and that’s alright with me.

Sad Money & Kaskade Ft. Sabrina Claudio – Come Away (Blond:ish Remix)

Blond:ish unleashes a sexy elegance upon the Sad Mony, Kaskade and Sabrina Claudio collaboration. While it keeps a relative similar vibe, Blond:ish brings a slightly deeper and icy style to it, which I really enjoy. Additionally, keep an eye on Sad Money. More great things are coming.

FARR – Heal Me (Born Dirty Remix)

I love this Born Dirty remix. Another track I’ve had on repeat, since its reveal. Born Dirty takes “Heal Me” to a slapping house realm that is wild and raucous, a change of pace from the soulful and slow grinding original. Everything about this leads it to sinking its teeth into your cerebral cortex which will have you playing this constantly.

MJ Cole – Sonoran (DJ Seinfeld Remix)

I’m a big fan of both MJ Cole and DJ Seinfeld so I was quite thrilled to see them combine on the remix of Sonoran. True to his past work, DJ Seinfeld constructs a beautiful sound design with poignancy and vibrance. It’s a sound that awakens a kaleidoscope of emotions from the depths of your soul.

Alewya – Sweating (Honey Dijon Remix)

Honey Dijon is a marvelous artist who undoubtedly knows how to create amazing House records that have a timeless feel to them. Her spin of Alewya’s “Sweating” does exactly that and wouldn’t sound out of place in the original awakening of the genre or the Ballroom.

Sigma & John Newman – High On You (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

Illyus & Barrientos continue their long line of incredible remixes with their reimaging of “High On You” from Sigma and John Newman. The duo strips away the piano-laced house stylings and adds their prototypical soaring soulfulness to back the vocal from Newman. It’s very easy to get lost in the sound waves and feel the emotive quality that Illyus & Barrientos create. There’s also this twirl of a steel drum that is so intoxicating and adds a nice dimension to the record.





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