Remix Radar 061: Featuring Soulwax, Kölsch, and Chris Lorenzo

Remix Radar 061 is here! I don’t have some thoughts to pontificate about right now, so let’s get right into the party. This week we feature Soulwax, Kölsch, and Chris Lorenzo. The fun is below and you don’t want to miss out. Scroll down now!

SG Lewis, Robyn, & Channel Tres – Impact (Soulwax Remix)

Anything Soulwax touches turns to gold. Well, In this case, they turn gold into diamond-encrusted platinum. The super collaboration between SG Lewis, Robyn, and Channel Tres was already an incredible record with sultry and deep waves. it gets even wilder and doper when it goes under the knife from Soulwax. The Belgian legends bring their typical feel and vibe to “Impact” where it slithers through the airwaves with twisted nu-wave glee and takes listeners on a voyage of mesmerizing pleasantries.

London Grammar – Baby It’s You (Kölsch Version)

Kölsch unlocks an incredible sound built upon emotional connectivity on his remix of London Grammar’s “Baby It’s You”. This is one of those records that pulls you in from the start and you get lost in every lick of sound as the sonic world wraps its blanket around you. A song is truly special when it awakens strong feelings from the depths of your soul. This Kölsch record does that in abundance.

Walker & Royce Ft. VNSSA – Word (Chris Lorenzo Remix)

One of my favorite records of 2019, Walker & Royce with VNSSA on the vocals dropped an absolute bomb of a record with “WORD”. It was definitely a party-igniter and I witnessed multiple clubs get wild to it. Now we receive a Chris Lorenzo remix that somehow makes this record even wackier and more ridiculous. Lorenzo adds some extra bass and extra layers of samples to bring that pizzazz-based Chris Lorenzo sound.

Cut Copy – Like Breaking Glass (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

I’m a huge fan of Cut Copy so I’m quite thrilled that we’ve got new tunes from them with more on the horizon. I also have really enjoyed the records from Stuart Price’s project, Jacques Lu Cont; so, put the two together and this guy is in heaven. Price keeps the record squarely in that indie, electronic sort of vibe that Cut Copy is well-known for, but brings a dancier sound that has elements of French House and the type of synthy goodness that sinks its teeth deep into your brain stem. You’ll come back to this record often as it’s a masterpiece and has a richness that you can’t get enough of. There’s a reason Price is a Grammy winner and has worked with the likes of The Killers, Madonna, Dua Lipa, and many more.

John Legend – Wild (MEDUZA Remix)

I got to say it, John Legend has an incredible voice and if anyone screws up a remix with his voice, they don’t deserve to make music again. I’m just kidding, but it has to be insanely difficult to mess up something with John Legend on it. MEDUZA — of course — doesn’t do that and crush this remix of John Legend’s “Wild”. The Milanese trio lets the vocals do their magic and then hit with a deeper, darker House sound that smacks listeners in the face and gets them into a party-like vibe.

Cassian – Open Up (Durante Remix)

Durante has had an incredible past year and a half or so and has deservedly garnered quite a bit of attention. In this timeframe, he’s released the insane remix of Jerro’s hit “Tunnel Vision”, a really cool collaboration with underground House sensation Lubelski, several appearances on Anjunadeep including his amazing “13 Voices” EP, and incendiary remixes for Kidnap, RÜFÜS DU SOL, and more. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his single with Enamour via Lane 8’s This Never Happened, “Taos Hum”. Now he makes a Remix Radar appearance for his spin of Cassian’s “Open Up” where he takes listeners bouncing through an airy, soaring sound design filled with emotionally charged sounds that feed the soul. It’s absolutely stunning.

CRi Ft. Bernache – From Me (Icarus Remix)

Another two acts I love, CRi and Icarus. CRi has been dropping some incredible melodic, downtempo singles all leading up to his debut album this October. His most recent single is “From Me”, which features Bernache of Men I Trust and it gets the remix treatment from Icarus. The Bristol brother-duo increases the BPMs, adds a wubbier beat, and peals away some of the prettiness to transform the record into something that’s ready for the grimy underbelly of British club culture. Both versions are incredible and have different purposes depending on what mood you’re in. Utilize the Icarus version when you need some aggression or hype. Save the original for when you want to feel connectivity and emotion.

Winona Oak – With Myself (Taska Black Remix)

Winona Oak’s “With Myself” receives a remix from Taska Black who spins it into a dark, hip-hoppy sort of sound that’s fresh and unique. The darker sound works really well with the elegance of Winona Oak’s vocal to build a spellbinding sound that dances around the synopsis of the brain. Listeners will come back to this one over and over.

The Knocks & MUNA – Bodies (Lenno Remix)

Lenno has been growing quite a significant name for himself. The Finnish act is backed by Universal and has dropped quite a few remixes for major music players like Tove Lo and ZAYN. This time he hops on the funk train and reimaginest “Bodies”, the collaboration from The Knocks and MUNA. Lenno keeps the record in the funky, typical-Knocks realm, but adds some spicier sound designs to bring a new identity to the record that works quite well.

MK Ft. Carla Monroe – 2AM (Martin Ikin Remix)

Three weeks in a row MK’s name is getting a mention. He closes the chapter on “2AM” with the final remixes including this Martin Ikin spin. The Ikin remix is grimier with an in your face type style that flips “2AM” from a pretty, vocal-based track into a rambunctious mind-melter. The metallic bite blends really well with Carla Monroe’s vocals.

Oliver Dollar Ft. Gene Farris – Sampling (Christian Nielsen Remix)

I love this record. A part of the newest remix pack of Oliver Dollar’s debut album Another Day Another Dollar, Christian Nielsen remixes the Oliver Dollar and Gene Farris’ “Sampling” into a funkier, disco-y House record. The original is cut from the silk of narrated House and wouldn’t feel out of place being played in the early days of the scene. While Christian Nielsen’s cut retains that timeless and classic feel, he takes the record to the dancier reaches of the genre and builds a sound that is destined to shake those hips.

Junior Jack & Pat BDS – Klimax (Darius Syrossian Remix)

Whoever is behind the remixes of Junior Jack and Pat BDS’s “Klimax” deserves a raise or a Grammy or something that he or she or they value. Each one released has been absolutely amazing and brings something new to the table. This week we get the Darius Syrossian remix who brings forward a key-backed melody that oscillates with the mirrored version, but in low-end rumbling goodness that smacks the ear drums and envelopes listeners in the freshest of vibes. He closes it out by transforming that melody into a sharper synth that keeps the intrigue from start to finish.

Confidence Man – First Class Bitch (Groove Armada’s Confidence Trick Remix)

Groove Armada unleashes a “first class” groove with his remix of Confidence Man’s “First Class Bitch”. The British Duo blend together a wide range of sounds and styles to create a magical record that is delightful, upbeat, and simply fun. It’s very easy to get lost in this song and enjoy each lick of sound that fills the space. This remix is definitely going into my frequently played list.

Kraak & Smaak Ft. The Palms – Same Blood (Tensnake Remix)

Tensnake hops aboard the train and remixes Kraak & Smaak’s “Same Blood”. Tensnake, who has had an incredible year, brings a shimmering and easy-dancing sound to the record. It’s almost as if you can see glitter shining and confetti falling from the sound waves as you listen. It’s a really nice dance tune and — sometimes — that’s as complex as they need to be.

Groove Armada Ft. Todd Edwards – Lover 4 Now (Myd Remix)

The Ed Banger backed Myd hops on the remix for Groove Armada and Todd Edwards’ “Lover 4 Now”. It comes as no surprise that the grooviness is think and delightful with inventive design. It tickles the mind and keeps you entertained and having fun from start to finish.

Roland Clark & Roland Leesker – WTF! (DJ Pierre and Chris Liebing Remixes)

Is it possible to have too many legends? No, definitely not. Roland Clark and Roland Leesker prove that with the drop of two remixes of their iconic “WTF!”. The Chicago legend and inventor of Acid House, DJ Pierre provides the Disco jam version, filled with soul and spirited grooves. The other remix comes from Techno aficionado, Chris Liebing. As you expect from Liebing, the record is dark, metallic-tinged, and builds slowly until it’s full-blown unhinged and provocative.

Andrew Beyer Ft. Alison May – In My Last Life (Fatum Remix)

Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats just hit their 20 year anniversary. In celebration, the label asked many of their mainstay artists to create 20 Years of Anjunabeats albums to chronicle the past two decades and provide a look into each act’s favorite records from this time period. These include Mat Zo, Grum, Fatum, Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and many more. From the Fatum version, we get this beautiful remix of Andrew Beyer’s “In My Last Life”. The American duo keeps the emotional poignancy, but brings a harder and darker spin to the back-half that adds a nice juxtaposition to that brooding emotion.

Fun Fun – Happy Station (The Magician Remix)

A delicious groove takes ahold from the word go on The Magician Remix of Fun Fun’s “Happy Station”. The Italian disco group originally released “Happy Station” back in 1983, which became the group’s biggest success with it charting across Europe and earning cult status Stateside while appearing quite frequently in sets during the House revolution of Chicago. The Magician brings the modern revitalization, which pays homage to the original with luxurious brilliance and brings the sound to modern sensibilities. I for one am sooooooooo down for a Disco revolution and return.


Boys Noize – Oh! (A-Trak Remix)

I had completely forgot about this record until it popped up randomly on a shuffled playlist. A-Trak does his best Daft Punk impression to remix Boys Noize 2009 release, “Oh!”. The record is easily groovable with its layers of distorted funkiness and robotic vocals. If you happen to be in need of an obscure party record, this is the perfect song.

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