RUBIKA And Airmow Drop Vocal Trap Song “Prodigy" on Lacuna


British EDM duo RUBIKA has teamed up with Airmow to release “Prodigy”, a catchy trap track featuring vocals by Chelsey Chantelle.  Starting with the sound of thunderstorms, the track relies heavily on melodic ambient sounds in the verse.  In the drop, it transitions into a powerful, focused groove, with distorted vocal chops adding clarity.  Despite the differences between the drop and break, “Prodigy” feels like a single, coherent piece of music. 

RUBIKA and Airmow are no stranger to creating hits.  Before forming RUBIKA, the duo produced tracks for well known pop artists.  Their debut single under RUBIKA quickly gained online buzz and was even picked up by the BBC.  Airmow entered the scene in 2015 under the alias “TechnixBeatz” on Youtube.  In 2016, he officially started releasing music as “Airmow”.  Since then, his music has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams.

The producers’ latest release “Prodigy”, is certainly worth a listen.  Check it out below: